Dr. Daniel Silver

My journey into the health and wellness feild began when I was working as a massage therapist. My training for this profession provided me with a strong foundation for understanding the role that muscles play in how our bodies function. I wanted to learn more so I enrolled in N.Y. Chiropractic College where I earned my Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1985.

While attending NYCC I developed a deep appreciation of the many techniques available to facilitate wellness. My goal was and still is to have as many tools as posssible so that I am able to treat a wide variety of conditions and tailor my treatment to best meet the needs of each individual patient. In 1996 I became a Reiki practitioner which provides gentle, pain free treatment with very positive results. In 2002 I studied the ‘Biocranial Technique’ which treats the body as a whole by restoring function to the brain and spinal cord, allowing them to function normally and producing healing in the rest of the body. There were only about 200 practitioners in the U.S. trained in this technique.

I am also continuosly studying about nutrition and I use that knowledge as one of the pillars to support your health. The latest intervention I have added to my practice is one I am very excited about. It is a device called the Magnesphere and it is a very powerful, full body therapy which addresses multiple health concerns and its benefits.

Gerri, Office Manager

I started in Chiropractic in 1992 working at Weston Chiropratic Center in Florida. It was there when I developed the passsion and love for the field of Chiropractic care and Holistic medicine. Experiencing the healing power of the human hands is unbelievably gratifying.

I am committed to sharing my experience and knowledge with my patients and seeing the results that come from it. I do my best to accomadate your needs to my fullest capability.

I strive to make your visit here as pleasant as possible my greatest reward is placing my patients needs first .

When I first starting working with Dr. Silver in 2008 it was a new and different experience than I was accustomed to. I have been given the opportunity to grow professionally and gained greater insight into the healing process. This is my favorite place to be